Ash Class

We have been learning a maypole dance and today performed it in the playground to our parents.

Healthy Living Days.  We have had a lovely time learning about how to be healthy by making healthy food choices and taking exercise.  We have made delicious, healthy sandwiches; looked at which foods are good and not so good for us and enjoyed putting ourselves through our paces around an obstacle course and going on a yoga adventure.

Road Safety Day.  Today we learnt why its important to know how to cross the road safely and how to do it.  

WORLD BOOK DAY - For World Book Day we all dressed up and had fun reading our favourite books.  Here we are in our wonderful costumes.

Pancake Races.......

We had a lovely afternoon pancake racing. 

Today we have been learning about 'Epiphany' and how the three kings brought gifts to the baby Jesus in the stable.  We have been acting out the story with Playmobile, we have made 'kings cakes' and made our own king from a lollipop stick.

Children in need/Pudsey Day. Today we thought about children in need around the UK and brought spare pennies to put towards helping them.  We arranged these on our own Pudsey picture and baked cakes to sell at home time. We had a lovely day.

We have been learning about shapes in class this week and went  for a walk in our local environment to find shapes we had been looking at.  It was  a lovely day and we found lots.

After reading the book 'Brown Bear Brown Bear what did you see?' we made Brown Bear paw biscuits.  They were yummy!

Harvest Walk.  Today we went on a Harvest Walk to the Star Disk.  The sun shone and the weather was warm! At the disk we had a snack and sang some songs.  It was a lovely afternoon!

We went to the West Yorkshire Park and had a great day   We saw lots of animals.

This week we have all been busy decorating our well dressing .

World Book Day.  We came to school dressed up in Character today and had a lovely day.  Here we are looking fabulous!

Today we celebrated World Book Day.  Our book was Dirty Bertie and we loved it! We coloured in some pictures, played a game about keeping clean and laughed at the 'naughty' music scripts we wrote. 

Today we looked at all the things in the world  we think are amazing. These paintings are our favourite things from the long list of natural wonders.


Today we looked at where China is in the world and how Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year.  We had a lovely day making a dragon from craft materials, colouring pictures, lucky envelopes and at lunch time made a lot of noise while wishing the other classes and children a Happy New Year.  Gung Hay Fat Choy everyone!  In the afternoon we found out about the animals that raced to create the Chinese zodiac and then held our own races to see what order we ran in.  We had a lovely day.  

Today we looked at birds in our local area.  We made a bird hide and tried to spot them using binoculars.  We also made a bird box,  feeders for our gardens/ water trays to let birds drink and flying birds for the classroom. 

Today we had our first flurries of snow and went on a walk to find signs of winter.  It was very cold so we had to dress up well.

After our lovely Christmas holidays we came back to school and learnt how the three kings visited the baby Jesus in the stable and gave him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.  We made lollipop kings to remember the story.

Christmas Concert.

Today we went to St Marys Church to celebrate the coming of Christmas . We sang lots of songs about the Nativity and the Church looked stunning as it got ready for its Christmas tree festival.

Today we went to the Ark in Matlock to see the ‘Snowman’ by Raymond Briggs.  We had a really lovely time!  The  story telling of Cinderella was fantastic and then watching the Snowman accompanied by the live Orchestra was super.  The two soloists were an inspiration to our budding singers.

Today we went to Wirksworth Fire Station.  Steve showed us around the station, the clothing Firefighters have to wear when they go to put out a fire and the fire engine.  Afterwards we were allowed to shoot water out of the big hose.  We had a lovely time!

As part of our Harvest Celebrations we walked to the Star Disk and sang songs before having a drink and snack.  It was a beautiful day for a walk and we all had a lovely time.

Today the sun shone on our Shape Walk as we walked towards Bolehill. Everyone found lots of common 2D shapes,  we see in our everyday environment.


Autumn  1

During this term we will be making new friends, finding out about the people in our school and learning to feel confident in our new class. For the first few weeks we will be learning about 'Ourselves'.  After this our topic will be about

 'People  Help Us'.

We are Ash Class.

What a wonderful day we had at White Post Farm. We were so busy!!!!! We fed the animals, rode on a trailer, milked a goat, petted some smaller animals and played on the park.  Thank you to all the staff at White Post Farm we had a lovely, lovely time.

Today we had a wonderful day in Church celebrating Queen Elizabeth's 90th Birthday.  We decorated prayer boxes, made Maundy money, sang a few songs and played a game, learned to barn dance, had lunch and then listened to a 'David Truby' story before making some art pictures that together make a hanging for our school.   We had a busy but fun day and will remember her majesties birthday for a very long time!

Our 'Well Dressing' week has been great fun. The children have puddled the clay and selected a range of natural materials to create a caterpillar, our class's memory from when we nurtured caterpillars to butterflies earlier this term. They also made individual clays to take home.  

Healthy Living Days

We have been thinking about how to keep healthy. As part of our 'Healthy Living' days we have made funny fruit faces, played parachute games, sorted foods on the computer into 'Healthy' and 'Unhealthy' groups and enjoyed exercise and being outdoors whilst taking part in our assault course. 

In the afternoon we went to the park to spot different trees with our Eco council and taste their lovely carrot cake. 

We also played at the park on all the new equipment, it was good exercise and lots of fun!

This week we have been learning about animals that live on a farm and the names of their young.  We went on a walk and saw some sheep, horses and chickens but sadly very few lambs and no foals/chicks or other baby animals.  Maybe the weather is still a bit too cold for them.  We certainly had to wrap up! Later our friends from the Infant school joined us and we played lots of games and farm related activities.

Summer 1 2016

On The Farm

This term we will be learning about 'Farm Animals'. We will learn about adult animals and their babies. We will listen to stories about farm animals, learn some new songs and create our own song based on ' Old McDonald had a farm'. We will also have lots of fun planning and creating a small world farm to use in our classroom.

Today we went on a Spring Walk to look for signs of Spring. 


Today we came to school dressed in character. We chose characters from the Julia Donaldson stories - can you guess who we are?

World Book Day Activities: Today we read lots of Julia Donaldson books.  We made 'Room on the Broom' wands/ wrote some creative writing about where we would like to go on a broom and blow dragons.  After reading the 'Monkey Puzzle' in the afternoon we made animal biscuits and butterflies from coffee filters.

MINIBEASTS - We started the new term looking at the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle.  We did lots of caterpillar related activities. In mathematics some of us made repeating patterns on a caterpillar template and some matched spots through a line of symmetry.  Wow!  We made caterpillar kebabs while looking at healthy foods to eat and lots of caterpillar craft.  I wonder what bug we are looking at next week......   

Spring 2 2016

Our topic for this term is 'Minibeasts.'

 We will learn about lots of different 'Minibeasts' and where they like to live.

We will go for a 'Minibeast Hunt' and see what we can find!!

We will share stories about 'Minibeasts' and create pictures in different ways. We will also learn about how to look after small creatures and how we can help to create habitats for them to live in. During this term we will have the opportunity to watch the life cycle of the butterfly as we .... grow our own butterflies!!!

It's going to be an exciting and busy 4 weeks!!!







Today we have joined with our friends at the C of E Infant School to celebrate 'Chinese New Year'. We had a lovely time ...making a Chinese Dragon, tasting food and then taking part in a Chinese Dragon dance through the school!


As part of our 'People who help us' topic we went to visit our local Fire Station.  We had an amazing time!  We looked at the clothes firefighters wear when they have to put out a fire and we had a go at being firefighters ourselves spraying water across the car park.  We also met a fire dog whose job it is to tell the firefighters how a fire started.  Thank you Wirksworth Firefighters for letting us visit you today.

Today we went on a winter walk to look for signs of winter.  We found ice, frost, trees with no leaves on, hard ground, berries for the birds to eat and snowdrops.  It was a beautiful day but very very cold. 

Today we had such fun on our Rudolf Ramble.  We met our friends from the Wirksworth Infant School and walked up Old Lane.  There was glitter and baubles everywhere that had fallen off Santa's Sleigh.  We sang songs in the quarry and Santa appeared!!!!!  He said he was still wrapping up our presents for Christmas day but we were all going to be pleased with our toys on Christmas morning.  The reindeers did a silly dance and after some drinks and some biscuits we went back to school to find he'd left us a treat under our tree.  Thank you Santa x.

Today we 'went' to Spain as part of our 'Around the World' work.  We found out lots of interesting facts about Spain and had a very exciting day!

Today we showed we cared for the children in need all around Britain and brought pennies to fill Pudsey Bear.  We made lots of Pudsey craft and biscuits to eat in the afternoon.                                                                                                          

We went to the Railway Station to meet the Prince of Wales.

Today Prince Charles visited Wirksworth. He came to unveil a plaque at the Railway Station.  We made a tissue paper Union Jack and photocopied it to make our flags to wave at him.   

Today our friends from the  Infant School joined us for a Dinosaur Party. At our party we have made clay models, played outside, made some yummy Dinosaur Dung! and danced to some Dinosaur music. We all had a lovely time!!

We have been learning all about dinosaurs. 

We went on  a beautiful Autumn walk looking for signs of Autumn.  We didn't find any conkers but we found lots of autumn leaves, berries and seeds.  It was a lovely walk.

The sun shone on the Assembly held to open our new Classroom.  We sang songs and planted commemorative shrubs.  

Class of 2015

For the first few weeks of term we have been exploring our new classroom, toys and making friends.

In the Summer term we had  a pirate party.  All the reception met up to play Pirate games and play together. Here are some of our pictures. 


We enjoyed finding out about Holland. 

We explored the power of wind, things which float and sink and compared the taste of a popular Dutch and English cheeses.

We found out about Vincent Van Gogh and painted a windmill in his style.

On our Spring walk we looked for signs of Spring.  Here are a few photographs of the new growth we found.  

For Mother's Day we joined our friends at the Wirksworth Infant School and made cards and a present for our Mum's.  Here are some pictures of us working.

This term we are enjoying studying dinosaurs. Here are some of the things we have been doing.  

After Christmas we enjoyed looking for signs of Winter and went on a Winter Walk.  We explored ice :- here we had an ice mountain and watched how colours mixed together as ice melted.  It was very interesting.

We have been learning to sequence our numbers to 20 and write.

This term we are looking at Traditional Tales.  Our first Traditional Tale is the Three Little Pigs. Here we are making strong houses for the Three Little Pigs to live in.  We tried very hard to blow them down!

Here are our finished houses.........

AUTUMN 1 2014 


Hello and welcome to the new term! We will start the term by thinking about 'Ourselves'.  We will paint pictures of ourselves and our friends and talk about the things we like to do.  We will spend time making new friendships and playing together.  Later in the term we will begin to learn about 'people who help us' looking at first at those who help us at school and then those in the wider community.  

Below are some pictures of us playing together and getting to know one another. 

Mrs Emery and Mrs Waller's Reception class


Woolly week was a favorite for all!!!!!!!!!

It all started when Farmer Mark came in to school and sheared two of his own sheep in front of us. It was amazing.  

We then looked at how fleece becomes wool.  Some  local spinners came in to school too and showed us some of their equipment - spinning wheels/ drum carders/ niddy noddys/ peg looms/ various types of wool/ french knitting sets/ drop spinners etc.  It was great being able to explore all these different items and touch them and try and make them work for ourselves.  We were very grateful to everyone who came in and gave up their time to make this day so exciting.  

Afterwards we made woolly dolls, mats and a 'fleece' for our own sheep as well as learn lots of facts about sheep and their babies.  


Cow Morning

We joined our Reception friends at the  Wirksworth Infant school to look at the implements used to milk cows and measure milk not so very long ago. We tasted the different types of milk and chose our favorite.  We really enjoyed making our own butter from cream then spread it on toast for snack.  We had lots of fun doing lots of other things beside.  It was a lovely morning!  



Our topic for this term is 'On The Farm'. As part of our topic we will be enjoying reading books about farm animals including 'The Pig in the Pond', 'Farmer Duck', 'I love Animals' and Who's in the shed?'. During the topic the children will learn about animal life cycles and the names of baby farm animals. They will also learn about the products from different animals. In 'Wool Week' the children will watch sheep shearing and learn about carding, spinning, knitting and felting.


The whole school dressed in bright colours and had a  'Bug Parade'.

It was a great end to our mini beast topic.  

Our Topic this term has been 'In the Garden and Mini beasts'.  As part of our Topic afternoons we have enjoyed reading books by Eric Carle - The Hungry Caterpillar, The Bad Tempered Ladybird, The Very Busy Spider and The Very Quiet Cricket and have used these to engage the children in their learning.Towards the end of the term we will be focusing on planting, growing and Easter time.

The Hungry Caterpillar.  We used the storybook and a few simple props to act out the story of the Hungry Caterpillar and learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly from the pom pom caterpillar that visited our classroom.  We also made different caterpillars to eat.   

The Bad Tempered Ladybird. Here we learnt to tell the time.  We know the o'clock, especially  o'clock when it is lunchtime.  Everyone made a tasty apple ladybird to eat. 

Zoolab visited the school and showed us some interesting mini beasts. They told us a little about what the creatures liked to eat and where they came from in the world.  They allowed us to handle them if we were brave enough.  I liked the millipede but many liked the tarantula best! The lady from Zoolab also brought a snake to show us.  

Some other activities we have been doing - PE and a trip to the train station to make a map of our route. 

Maths, modelling, craft, reading and outdoor fun. 

Bug Walk. We all enjoyed our Sponsored Bug Walk to Black Rocks. 

Pancake Day.   On Pancake day we made pancakes and tasted different toppings then we had pancake races.  

Welcome to our Reception Class. This term we have been enjoying stories about 'Space Travel and the Moon'. The children have listened to and joined in with stories including 'Aliens Love Underpants', 'Meg on the Moon', 'Whatever Next? ' The Blue Balloon' and 'Man On The Moon'. We have created our own Aliens using a variety of materials, explored life on the moon (going for a moon walk!!) and found out what an astronaut does.  

Making rockets from 2D shapes.

Children enjoying the outdoor obstacle course they had built.

After reading the story 'Whatever Next', the children painted and labelled the foods they would like to include in a picnic basket.

 Playing outside in the muddy kitchen.

Bringing Lego people together and counting how many there are.

Counting down to zero is useful for budding astronauts.  10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 blast off! 

One interpretation of how an alien might look.......