Hawthorn Class

Mrs Marriott's Y1/Y2 class


During our Space topic we enjoyed making 'Pizza Planets' with Poppy.

We practised our cutting and grating skills. They were yummy!!

We loved performing our Christmas play to our families.

We enjoyed painting a pebble with a poppy and taking them to the Memorial Gardens in Wirksworth on Remembrance Day.

We have started the year learning about DINOSAURS.

We all enjoyed our walk around the Stone Centre learning about fossils.

Did you know there was a volcano in Wirksworth?

We all enjoyed our Harvest Sponsored Walk. We looked for the harvest pictures that led the way.

Mrs Poyser gave us a snack at the Stardisc.

The children were asked which liquid would be the best to add to bicarb of soda to make the best erupting volcano.

Lemonade, water or vinegar?

A lot of the class predicted lemonade as it has bubbles... try the experiment yourself to see which one made the fantastic volcano.

The topic this half term is Carnivals. After learning about the history of carnivals in Africa we created African masks from recycled materials.They look wonderful in our garden!