Eco Council

Eco Council


Every half term a small group of Year 2s work on a project to help the Federation to be more environmentally aware.

Our Governor, Trish Rice has been joining us once a term to share her knowledge of the Natural Environment with our Eco Councillors. 

In previous years children have achieved Eco Schools Bronze and Silver awards, this year we hope to work towards a Green Flag award.




Spring Term 2016

In the Spring term the Eco Council project was Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This term the Eco Councillors made sure that their schools were recycling and composting. We had a whole school assembly when Derbyshire County Council came into the school to talk to the children about recycling and how our waste can be turned into other things if we recycle.

We launched a sticker competition and had some wonderful designs for stickers for our school compost bins, wheelie bins, recycling bins and scrap paper trays. 

The Eco Councillors worked extra hard in the second half term as they up-cycled old glass jars into Easter gifts to sell at the School Easter fair. Thank you to everyone who donated jars, chocolates, wallpaper, crisp packets and their time for this project.

Before Easter the children will be involved in World Water Day, Aquabox will be in school to tell us about children who don't have the same access to water we do and give us some ideas on how we can reduce the water we use.


Summer Term 2016

In summer the Eco council hosted a healthy living day at Fanny Shaws Park. The whole school came along and enjoyed some exercise through play on the equipment at Fanny Shaws, learned how to identify different trees and enjoyed a nutritious snack made by the Eco Councillors.


The Eco Council produced a booklet to help children enjoy even more activities in the park. 


Click here to see our Enjoy Your Park booklet - take it with you when you're out and about!

The Children who worked hard to achieve the Eco Councils Silver Award

A sponsored walk led by the Eco Council for their topic of Healthy Living

Saving energy in school and at home for Switch-Off Fortnight