School Policies

Policies are the method by which our Governing Body communicates its aims and objectives to staff, parents and pupils. They are the framework for decision-making and action.

Policies and important procedures documents are drafted and updated by the Senior Leadership Team and the Governing Body according to a regular rolling programme. Please see the links to current policies below, or contact Cath Rowlatt if you require further information.

Admissions Statement: 

We follow the Local Authority admissions procedure. The admissions procedure is outlined in the Derbyshire handbook 'How to apply for a place at Primary School', which is available in school, or accessible online at 

The PAN (Published Admission Number) for Reception  intake at each school is 30 children. Children are admitted in the September following their fourth birthday.

We hold an Open Morning in November for parent(s) and carer(s) with children due to start school the following September, to help  parent(s) and carer(s) to make an informed choice about which infant school is right for them. We are happy to show people round at other times by appointment. We plan an induction programme in the summer term to prepare children for starting school.

In-year admissions can be arranged through the Local Authority protocol. Please go to 

If you have questions or would like to visit, please contact Cath Rowlatt or Clare Radley in the school office. For full details and an application form ,visit Derbyshire County Council Admissions at 

School Policies (printed copies are available in school on request)

Policies reviewed by Governors

2017Jun Acceptable Use of social Media the Internet and Electronic Mail Policy.pdfDownload
Health and Safety Policy - November 2017.docDownload
Charging and Remissions Policy - February 2018.docDownload
Confidential Reporting Code - February 2018.docDownload
Teacher Appraisal Policy - November 2015.pdfDownload
Governing Body Code of Practice - September 2017.pdfDownload
Governor Expenses Policy - November 2015.pdfDownload
Maternity Policy - October 2016.pdfDownload
Instrument of Government - 24.01.17.pdfDownload
2016Oct Children with Disabilities and or SEN Policy.pdfDownload
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Special Educational Needs

Supporting each and every pupil within our Federation is of the utmost importance to us. Occasionally some children need a little extra help to meet their needs.

Our experienced staff are supported by Mrs Waller, our Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO). Mrs Waller’s role is to work alongside parents, pupils, staff and outside agencies in order to ensure that the needs of the all pupils are addressed.

Our policy for supporting children with special educational needs is listed in the links ABOVE. If you have any concerns about your child please do not hesitate to talk with Mrs Waller.

See our SEN Report here.

Local Offer

As part of the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Reforms, all local authorities were required to publish a Local Offer. This sets out in one place information about education, health and social care provision for children and young people in their area who have SEN or are disabled.

You can access Derbyshire County Council's Local Offer at


Policies reviewed on a rolling programme:

2017Jul Anti-bullying Policy.pdfDownload
3.Attendance and punctuality policy - Jan 2018.pdfDownload
Design and Technology Policy Jan2018.pdfDownload
2017Nov ICT Disaster Recovery Plan.pdfDownload
2017Jul Anti-bullying child friendly leaflet.pdfDownload
2018Jan Academically More Able Policy.pdfDownload
2016Aug Admissions in the EYFS policy.pdfDownload
Adverse Weather Policy - October 2016.pdfDownload
2016Mar Assessment policy.pdfDownload
2017Apr British Values Policy.pdfDownload
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Wirksworth Federation of Infant Schools seeks to be sensitive to the needs of each and every child, reducing barriers to learning and making the curriculum accessible to all children.

When necessary, reasonable adjustments to physical and other arrangements of the school are considered, this will be done whilst taking into account the nature of any impairment, pupil and parent views and advice from teachers and other professionals.

Prospective parents are asked to inform the school of any disabilities or additional needs their children may have when registering.

Continuing communication between parents and staff is vital to ensure that reasonable adjustments can be considered where necessary, whether impairments were apparent when the child entered the school or developed at a later stage.